Bonaveri at Euroshop 2017

Ian Thompson | 11 April 2017 |



Bonaveri was at EuroShop 2017 in Düsseldorf to showcase our latest products, including new mannequins and bust forms and a whole new family of mannequins dedicated to a growing market of youth fashion.

EuroShop is a tri-annual event that gives us the opportunity to show our customers what we’ve been working on over the previous three years. In 2014, we launched Aloof from our Schläppi family of mannequins. This time round, we had a whole new family of mannequins to showcase from our brand new B by Bonaveri collection. TRIBE is the first such collection in the B by Bonaveri family, exploring youth culture in fashion.

From our Bonaveri family, we introduced SARTORIAL, a sophisticated male mannequin collection that offers unique flexibility both in form and material. Sartorial can be used as a mannequin or bust form and can be tailored in fabric, leather or paint finishes to acheive a unique look and feel.

Similarly, Aloof is now also available as a bust form, allowing further ways of achieving a unique look. In addition we introduced a new historical bust form collection and reaffirmed our commitment to quality and sustainability through our BNATURAL manufacturing process.

EuroShop is more than just a way to do business, it’s a great opportunity to meet new friends and catch up with our worldwide community of customers. In the last three years, we have had the great pleasure of collaborating with new and exciting people, allowing us to express our creativity in even more ways.

All of the Bonaveri Family would like to thank the amazing people that have travelled with us and made it happen.


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