Bonaveri Bust Forms

Bonaveri Bust Forms

Family: Bonaveri | Collection: bust forms



Bonaveri has been creating their classic bust forms since the 1950s and has since then refined the form to a high degree of craftsmanship.

A selection of Bust Forms with or without heads, with or without arms is available including an extensive selection of bases in metal and wood. Bust forms with articulated arms and hands are also available in a number of different wood finishes. A comprehensive collection of standard fabrics is available or supply your own bespoke fabric for a unique collection.

The full list of available bust forms are as follows:

    • Classical
    • Upper Class
    • Compuline 99
    • Compuline 93
    • Compuline 90
    • Charm
    • Fashion Forms
    • Leather Forms
    • Perfection
    • Hide
    • Perfection Crocodile
    • Haute Couture
    • Net Forms
    • Rattan Forms
    • Compuline Forms
    • Historical Forms
    • Children / Junior
    • Floating
    • Creativity
    • Lingerie Forms
    • Elegance Oversize


The new Sartorial Bust Form Collection is now available. More information here.

Bonaveri Bust Forms were recently used at the Burberry Makers House AW2017 Collection – an installation which included 78 suspended bust forms arranged in a space with 40 Henry Moore sculptures.


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