Tribe Mannequin Collection launch in China by Bonaveri in Shanghai

Tribe Mannequin Collection launch in China by Bonaveri in Shanghai

By Ian Thompson | November 8, 2017

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The new TRIBE mannequin collection was recently launched in China at a celebratory party and exhibition hosted by the Bonaveri Shanghai team. Andrea Bonaveri, representing the Bonaveri Italy team, joined the Shanghai distributors for a cocktail party and exhibition attended by local fashion, retail and press.

The complete Tribe mannequin collection including the new male and female sitters was on display alongside an exhibition of garments by Chinese designer, Chen Zhi from ‘i-am-chen‘.

The event was hosted in the Bonaveri Shanghai showroom which is located in the French Concession area of the city. The Bonaveri Shanghai showroom was opened in July 2016 and has become an important location for Bonaveri, reaching out to the fashion and retail sector of the city. Guests at the event included young designers, press and retailers representing a new wave of creativity in fashion and retail design. Representatives from Shang Xia, Jil Sander, La Chapelle, Guess, Dior, Shiatzy Chen, Theory, Conde Nast Center and Elle China all attended the event.

TRIBE is an important collection in this regard as it aims to fulfil a niche in the youth fashion market. Representing both the DNA and exceptional design and production quality in Bonaveri products, it aims to provide the ‘upper’ middle-market fashion sector with a range of as yet, previously unavailable products.

As China continues to develop its fashion and retail footprint, Bonaveri aims to establish a strong tie with emerging designers to support them in their long-term aspirations. TRIBE is the first collection in the ‘B By Bonaveri’ family of mannequins to be made available to the local market aiming to satisfy a demand for a mid-market product that retains all of the features and benefits of a Bonaveri and Schläppi collection. TRIBE fulfils a growing interest in the emergence of the luxury streetwear sector which is no more prevalent than in Shanghai’s fashion conscious youth. Recent fashion reports substantiate an interest in the expanding street-wear trend with brands such as Vetements, OFF-WHITE, Marcelo Burlon, YEEZY, FENTY finding popularity in the sector.

Interest in the Chinese fashion market has been strong over the last few years with events such as the Met’s ‘China Through The Looking Glass‘ and Vogue Italy’s ‘The China Issue‘ in 2015 reshaping western attitudes. Tribe encapsulates some of these new ideas and is launched to coincide with the emergence of new and exciting trends in the Chinese fashion industry.

We’d like to thank all of the Bonaveri Shanghai and Hong Kong team for hosting this event and thank all of the guests that attended.

For more information on TRIBE please contact our Bonaveri Hong Kong distributor.

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Tribe Mannequin Collection launch in China by Bonaveri in Shanghai

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