Mannequins: Bonaveri: A History of Creativity Fashion and Art

Written by Ian Thompson | 23 April 2015

On the occasion of Bonaveri’s 60th Anniversary, Italian publisher SKIRA has produced and published a book that explores the use of mannequins as a form of communication in the fashion industry.

Mannequins exist as object in their own right and provide a powerful way of communicating style and emotion. They are the outright protagonists of the figurative arts and are an ineluctable participant in the story of fashion. They appear in window displays and museum exhibitions – anywhere where the evolution of fashion or the work of stylists is exhibited.

Edited by Gianluca Bauzano, the book includes essays by art historian Philippe Daviero and fashion expert Quirino Conti. World renowned fashion journalists and designers, including names such as Roberto Capucci, Antonio Marras, Dean e Dan Caten, Matteo Marzotto, Giovanna Ferragamo, Angela Missoni, Piero Tosi, Vivianne Westwood, Franca Sozzani, have collaborated and contributed their own thoughts and creative ideas, welcoming the initiative and sharing anecdotes that illustrate the power of the form.

The book presents a full spectrum of 6 decades of the Bonaveri’s work and celebrates the significant contribution they have made to Italian design heritage.

The book is available in most bookshops worldwide and is available in Italian and English versions.

‘Mannequins: Bonaveri: A History of Creativity Fashion and Art’

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