Multibrand boutique ‘Mediterraneo’ in La Spezia chooses Aloof and Noble mannequins

Ian Thompson | 23 May 2016 |



Multibrand fashion store ‘Mediterraneo’ in La Spezia, Italy features Aloof and Noble mannequins for their latest window displays.

Mediterraneo was one of the first Italian brands to make use of Noble, the new male mannequin in our Schläppi Collection. In their windows and store display areas, Noble is teamed up with Aloof to create a vibrant illustration of men’s and women’s wear fashion offered by the retailer.

The multibrand retail market is a strong participant in Bonaveri’s customer base with new and established stores competing on the high street against other top brands. Mediterraneo is no exception with their strong delivery of visual merchandising design keeping them at the forefront of modern retail trends.

Mediterraneo also offers a selection of children’s wear and make use of the Bonaveri collections to deliver a similarly high profile image for their younger customers.

Throughout our international distribution, smaller to medium sized retailers are making use of our mannequin and bust form collections to raise the profile of their brands. This is helping them to compete with global, high profile, luxury brands and level the playing fields ‘behind the glass’.


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