Roger Dubuis launches new watch collection ‘Velvet’ using Schläppi 2500 mannequins

Ian Thompson | 03 June 2016 |



Geneva-based luxury watch manufacturer, Roger Dubuis recently launched a new series of ladies watches for their ‘Velvet’ collection and celebrated the event at their Milan boutique with a vivid display of Schläppi 2500 female mannequins.

The new collection is a ‘tip of the hat’ to female Divas and continues a tradition of ‘innovative mechanical and automatic movements’ present in Roger Dubuis’ watches. The Schläppi 2500 mannequins were used to reinforce the collection’s exquisite motion and were chosen for the way in which they balance style, personality and passion. The 2500 collection is athletic and spirited, using forms that engage with the space they occupy. It is precisely for this reason they were chosen by Roger Dubuis as they developed their concept for the watch launch.

At the direction of Roger Dubuis’ Creative Director Alvaro Maggini, the installation of mannequins recalls the poses of Divas. Observed from this perspective, it enhances the attitude towards body, fashion and individual identity.

The signature red of the Velvet collection was used to great effect with each of the Schläppi mannequins finished in the same electric colour found in the brand’s own design and branding. Pisa Orologeria’s flagship store situated in the centre of Milan, in Via Verri, hosted a launch exhibition from May 18th to the 30th and we’re delighted to be able to show you these great images from the event.


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