Tribe Mannequins featured at Ramponi Award Exhibition in Milan

Ian Thompson | 28 June 2017 |



Bonaveri’s new Tribe Mannequins were featured during Milan Fashion Week where they provided support to the Ramponi Awards for excellence in new, young, fashion talent.

In support of young talent and to celebrate the release of our new Tribe collection, Bonaveri supplied female mannequins for the display of entrant’s work. Tribe is a new collection that celebrates the vitality of youth, aligning closely with the aspirations of the award organisers and the event creative concept.

The Ramponi Award supported by WHITE – MAN & WOMAN is now in its sixth edition and was won by the young designer, Giuseppe Della Badia, who founded his company GEDEBE in 2010. GEDEBE employs a vivid creativity in embroidery, weaving stones and crystals, combining different materials, colours and textures in their work. GEDEBE bags and clutches are skilfully embroidered with bright stones and precious crystals resulting in a minimal ‘jewelled’ style that reflects a craftsmanship and tradition that was seen as a winning combination for the designer.

The Ramponi Award recognises young fashion talent that has delivered unique creativity, robust research and the best of Italian aesthetics in their work. The award was created by Alfredo Ramponi with a view to enhancing and promoting rising creative talent. Ramponi is a leader in the production of synthetic crystals and ABS studs for apparel and accessories and delivers tradition and innovation to designers by way philanthropy and support.

Over the years the award has grown from strength to strength with the support of influential personalities such as Mario Boselli; until recently, President of the Italian Fashion Chamber. This continued support ensures a better platform for designers as they navigate the essential process of trade show exhibitions and sales campaigns.

Bonaveri extends their sincere congratulations to the winner and the organisers.


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