TRIBE Mannequins for ZARA, Milan by Matteo Thun during Salone del Mobile

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Once again, Zara's has re-imagined the lobby of their flagship Corso Vittorio Emanuele store in Milan, with a collection of new TRIBE mannequins in a display designed by architect, Matteo Thun.

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Written by Ian Thompson | 06 April 2017

TRIBE is a new collection of mannequins by Bonaveri that was recently released at Euroshop 2017 in Düsseldorf and aims to satisfy the growing demand in the ever expanding, younger generation retail sector. TRIBE is the first collection of mannequins in an exciting new family of forms created by Bonaveri called ‘B BY BONAVERI‘ and represents the third such family of collections alongside the classic Bonaveri and Schläppi families.


The now famous lobby of the Zara store is regularly updated and often features mannequins by Bonaveri. This time round, Zara celebrates ‘Light’ with a striking display of TRIBE mannequins on a series of irregular height podiums, capped with elegant steel structures above them. Each of the new TRIBE mannequins is styled with garments, hair and makeup, showing the versatility of the new collection.

The display, set out in the impressive cylindrical lobby of the Corso Vittorio Emanuele store, leads visitors into the heart of Zara’s flagship enterprise in Milan. Zara works closely with architects and designers to enable exciting collaborations within the lobby, often resulting in worldwide acclaim for the work they do here.

We’re very proud to have our new TRIBE collection featured. Images courtesy Departamento de Imagen y Decoración ZARA

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