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Female Tribe mannequins by Bonaveri
B By Bonaveri
Male and female Sartorial mannequins leaning against a plinth
Bonaveri Sartorial
bonaveri collections - mannequins and bust forms
Collezioni Bonaveri
Le Collezioni Schläppi
B By Bonaveri Tribe mannequins by Bonaveri
Tribe Manichini
Sartorial Men | Male mannequins with fixed or articulated arms
Sartorial Uomo
Sartorial Women Mannequins
Sartorial Donna
Schläppi 3500 Mannequins
Schläppi 3500
Roger Dubuis Schlappi 2500 04
Schläppi 2500 / 2600
aloof and noble mannequins 05
Schläppi 7000 Noble
bonaveri collections - FMC04 and Urban
Bonaveri FMC4/Urban
bonaveri collections - fashion model mannequin
Fashion Model Collection
Schläppi 2000 Female Schläppi 3200 Male Mannequin Collection
Schläppi 2000 / 3200
Schläppi 2200 / 3000
2800 3800 mannequins 10
Schläppi 2800 / 3800
schlappi bimbi 4000 mannequins 03
Schläppi 4000 Bimbi
aloof and noble mannequins 12
Schläppi 6000 Aloof

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