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Bonaveri Mannequins: Male, female and junior mannequins made in Italy to exacting standards for fashion, visual merchandising and window displays.

Female B BY Bonaveri Tribe mannequins by Bonaveri

B By Bonaveri

Sartorial Women | Sartorial Men | Seated mannequins with articulated arms

Sartorial Collections

bonaveri collections - mannequins and bust forms

Bonaveri Collections

Schläppi Collections

B By Bonaveri Tribe mannequins by Bonaveri

Tribe Mannequins

Sartorial Men | Male mannequins with fixed or articulated arms

Sartorial Men

Sartorial Women | Female mannequins and bust forms

Sartorial Women

Schläppi 3500 Mannequins

Schläppi 3500

Schläppi 2500 / 2600

Schläppi 7000 Noble

bonaveri collections - FMC04 and Urban

Bonaveri FMC4 / Urban Man

bonaveri mannequins fashion model collection

Fashion Model Collection

Schläppi 2000 Female Schläppi 3200 Male Mannequin Collection

Schläppi 2000 / 3200

Schläppi 2200 / 3000

Schläppi 2800 / 3800

Schläppi 4000 Bimbi

Schläppi 6000 Aloof