Stop Conterfeiting

Counterfeit goods and the resources required to prevent these items from entering markets costs companies millions of dollars every year. Global resources employed to stamp out counterfeiting vary from country to country. As Bonaveri is an international brand with representatives across 15 countries, we work closely with our partners to ensure we retain our intellectual property and maintain the quality of our products.

To this end we record the details of all recognised websites and illegal manufactures that we know to be supplying goods that infringe our intellectual property and copyrights. If you are aware of a site or company engaging in counterfeit acts or producing items that infringe our copyright, we'd love to hear about it. Please use the form below to anonymously report any findings.

You can also find details of our authorised distributors on our contact page here.

Thank you for supporting BONAVERI and our efforts to combat counterfeiting!

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