Schläppi 2000 / 3200

Schläppi male and female mannequins for fashion and display

Schläppi's timeless elegance is displayed in this collection of male and female mannequins

The Schläppi 2000 female and Schläppi 3200 male collection is an ideal mannequin for individual as well as group poses. Each position reflects the typical Schläppi composure – elegant, serene and with a strong sense of presence.

The female collection features 27 standing poses, one sitter and a reclining figure. The standing poses combine simple static positions with a few animated positions featuring outstretched arms and more dramatic poses.

The male collection includes 6 standing poses with one walking figure.

The Schläppi 2000 female and Schläppi 3200 male mannequin collections are unique in that they come with seven different heads. Each individual head is matched with a particular body with the torso being able to be combined with alternative leg positions.

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