Designers for the Planet featuring Schläppi 2000 mannequins

Schläppi 2000 female mannequins for Milan Fashion Week, Spring / Summer 2021 exhibition of sustainable Italian brands.

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Sustainability takes centre stage at Fashion Hub Market during Milan's “phygital fashion week”

Written by Ian Thompson | 12 November 2020

Bonaveri is delighted to have been able to participate at Milan Fashion Week where a mix of live and virtual shows have been staged in response to the global coronavirus pandemic. Many major brands opted for virtual or closed-door shows, accepting that the loss of the live experience takes precedence over public safety.

At Fashion Hub Market where Bonaveri has previously supported young talent, an exhibition of 6 emerging ‘Made In Italy’ brands have been able to present their work to a global audience with the use of Bonaveri’s Schläppi 2000 female mannequin collection.

Set out in a wide room featuring back-lit ‘Mondrian’ style illuminated windows, each designer was given the opportunity to present their work on an elevated stage. Tying in with the sustainability message, each mannequin was finished using Bonaveri’s patented “BPAINT’, composed of 100% organic ingredients.

Each of the six chosen designers were selected for their dedication to sustainability: Fantabody, flavialarocca, Tiziano Guardini, Bav Tailor, Yatay, Silvia Giovanardi.

With COVID taking centre stage in the minds of the public as whole, the topic of sustainability is now more important that ever. So far, sustainable fashion has been a mashup of philanthropy, customer engagement, emerging talent and investor interest. But with the coronavirus pandemic bearing down on supply chains and sales outlets, it has forced the industry to ensure that output is well connected to true value. Each of the designers have explored ecological and ethical issues within their work and celebrate output based on reduced water, energy and raw materials wastage as well as respect for supply chains and craft preservation.

These are all issues that Bonaveri’s own sustainability manifesto encapsulate and we’re delighted to be able to support young talent as well as the fashion industry’s desire for change. Through exploration of sustainability issues, young designers discover new techniques helping them create innovative couture that breaks out of traditional material and production constraints.

Within the mantra of sustainable fashion must come a focus on design longevity and each of the designers place emphasis on long term value. Schläppi mannequins, first produced in Switzerland in the 1960s, share this ideal, showing modernity and value decades after their introduction to the fashion industry.

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