GloLoCo: an immersive exhibition showcasing the creativity and identity of young African designers during Milan Fashion Week

Fashion Hub February 2023

Fashion Talents on show at Fashion Hub

Bonaveri x Accademia Costume & Moda

Bonaveri | The Delicacy of Paper

Roberto Capucci’s fabric metaphors on stage for Triennale Milano

Schläppi female mannequins for Linea Più Exhibition

Designers for the Planet featuring Schläppi 2000 mannequins

Schläppi mannequins showcase Linea Più yarns at BonaveriMilano

Vogue Talents 2019

Colourful Tribe Mannequins take to the stage in celebration of 10 years of Vogue Talents

Africa Now at Fashion Hub Market, Milan Fashion Week

Bonaveri celebrates Milan Design Week with Schläppi M

Colours on stage: Sartorial Mannequins at BonaveriMilano

Max & Co. Christmas windows in Milan featuring Tribe Mannequins

Bonaveri for Etro: Generation Paisley

Etro: Generation Paisley – 50 years of style

Bonaveri Bust Forms for “Gioachino Rossini al Teatro alla Scala”

Gioachino Rossini at La Scala

Bonaveri bespoke bust forms animate La Scala Theater’s latest costume exhibition

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