Colours on stage: Sartorial Mannequins at BonaveriMilano

Colours on Stage is a new installation at BONAVERIMILANO featuring a colourful array of female Sartorial mannequins

Written by Ian Thompson | 22 February 2019

BonaveriMilano, our Milan based showroom, is hosting a new installation of Sartorial mannequins covered in a colourful array of velvet fabrics.

The new installation draws inspiration from our collaboration with Chameleon Visual and Emilio Pucci in 2018 when we introduced the Sartorial Female Collection in a rainbow of Pucci inspired colours.

Each of the female Sartorial mannequins has been crafted with fully articulated arms, a bespoke seated leg position and a unique system for adjusting the head positions. Each of the arms and legs have been meticulously painted to match the coloured velvet fabrics.

BonaveriMilano will host the installation during Milan Fashion Week alongside our permanent collection of Bonaveri, Schläppi and Tribe mannequins and bust forms.

BonaveriMilano is Bonaveri’s centre for fashion and visual merchandising dialogue and display and plays host to many events during the year. The showroom is open to individuals and businesses that wish to host their own events and is often a centrepiece for fashion events during Milan Fashion Week.

For more information on BonaveriMilano visit our dedicated page.

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