Schläppi Collection

Schläppi 7000 Noble

A contemporary male mannequin collection designed for luxury and casual fashion

A bold male mannequin collection that reflects a quiet sense of harmony, typical of a Schläppi collection

Noble, the new male Schläppi collection has been designed by Bonaveri in our sculpting atelier in Cento. Noble is intended to be the male companion to Aloof, the previously released female Schläppi Collection. We set out four guidelines for the development of Noble; A sense of presence, dedicated thought, elegance and an ability to group with other mannequins. The collection exhibits these four features remarkably well and gives the collection a strong sense of identity.

Noble is tall, but not statuesque, he is athletic but not brawny. Equally, he is expressive without overt realism. He is a contemporary man, showing timeless elegance and for this reason, he is an ideal and natural representation of our age. Combining all features, Noble attains excellent wearability. In addition to aesthetic aspirations, the collection has been designed to fulfil the creative, artistic and practical demands expected from the luxury and casual fashion world.

Go behind the scenes and see how Noble was created.

The Schläppi 7000 collection, otherwise known as Noble, is the male companion to Aloof.

Possessing versatile poses and attitudes, the collection is designed to enable mannequins to group and interact with each other. The various figures work well both individually and in groups, giving visual merchandisers and designers the opportunity to achieve unlimited combinations by arranging them in different groupings.

Each mannequin on its own creates a striking display. However, when combined as twins, they create a unique and powerful mirror image of each other. With a quiet sense of harmony, Noble is suitable for both boutique windows as well as department stores where eclectic and versatile poses enable a variety of unique installations.

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