See Bonaveri’s mannequins and bust forms used for exhibitions around the world.


Bonaveri products are often used in exhibitions around the world. Our mannequins and bust forms can be seen in permanent collections and exhibitions, often for fashion-related shows or shows where curators need to display garments and fashion accessories. Bonaveri has worked with a number of world-renowned creative directors and curators to supply mannequins and bust forms that enhance the narrative of the exhibition.

01 InAmericaAnthologyEngelhardCourt
In America: An Anthology of Fashion
olivier theyskens aloof mannequins 13@1x
Black, Light & Shine: Aloof for Olivier Theyskens
Viktor&Rolf: MetaFashion! with Tribe & Schläppi 2200 Mannequins
Olivier Theyskens FI
Olivier Theyskens and Schläppi Aloof at Paris Fashion Week
Bulgari’s ‘Art of Craft’ exhibition goes on show at Dubai Expo 2020
bonaveri atelier bust forms for roberto capucci exhibition
Roberto Capucci’s fabric metaphors on stage for Triennale Milano
Gallery View, Nostalgia (right) and Belonging (left)
Bonaveri Mannequins on View: In America: A Lexicon of Fashion
Bonaveri takes part in Valentino Re-Signify Part II
Schläppi Aloof for Olivier Theyskens at Paris Fashion Week
Andrea Brocca – Equilibrium at Paris Couture
Bonaveri bust forms for WOW’s Porto Fashion & Fabric Museum
Schläppi 2200 mannequins for “Dialogue: 130 Years of Lanvin”
Pierre Cardin. Fashion Futurist
guo pei singapore schläppi 2200 mannequins
Guo Pei: Chinese Art & Couture
kith versace shanghai bespoke mannequins 03
Bespoke mannequins for KITH x Versace in Shanghai
“BVLGARI, the history, the dream”
the met exhibition camp notes on fashion schlappi 2200 - 17
Camp aesthetic on view at The Met
Animalia Fashion at Palazzo Pitti uses Bonaveri Bust Forms
Etro Generation Paisley Exhibition in Milan
Etro: Generation Paisley – 50 years of style
Fashion Inside and Out ©Marco Kesseler
Fashion Inside and Out – Judith Clark’s exhibition of craft at Homo Faber in Venice

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