| 08 July 2021

Bonaveri bust forms for WOW’s Porto Fashion & Fabric Museum

A new museum in Porto, celebrating Portugal's influential contribution to fashion & textile design, opens using an array of Bonaveri bust forms.

The Porto Fashion & Fabric Museum pays tribute to Portugal’s significant contribution to fashion & textiles using a variety of Bonaveri bust forms

Written by Ian Thompson | 08 July 2021

There is no doubting Portugal’s significant contribution to the textile industry; from early beginnings in the late 1700s and early eighteenth-century links with Brazil, cotton and linen have been an important contributor to the country’s economic and creative output.

The new WOW Porto Fashion & Fabric Museum, housed in an historic, 18th Century residential building, celebrates this rich history in a tribute to national talent. Textiles & fashion make up two main sections of the new museum, taking vistors through a unique experience of ‘making, designing and developing’ within an innovative local industry.

wow porto hanging wooden bust form
Bonaveri’s linen covered hanging bust form with wood articulated arms

Using a number of Bonaveri’s Sartorial bust forms, heads and miniature pieces, the exhibition features historic and current fashion & textiles designs. The museum also intends to provide space for new designers to showcase their work and for industry leaders to come together to share their knowledge.

Bonaveri bust forms & display items are set amongst colourful geometric podiums, wall features and fashion walkways. Some of the bust forms, covered in linen and with articulated wooden arms and hands, are suspended from free standing alocoves, which in turn reflect the shapes and forms of Portugal’s unique architecture.

Bust forms suspended in colourful, geometric alcoves

Unique to this display are a number of walking bust forms created especially for the Museum to display a number of garments on a fashion ‘runway’. A number of completely wooden bust forms was also created to reflect the artisan nature of Portugla’s textile industry.

Walking bust forms featured on the fashion runway

For WOW Porto, this is their sixth museum in a series dedicated to all things ‘Made in Portugal’ including the Wine Museum itself, and a chocolate, cork and drinkware museum. Find out more and plan a visit to the Museum by visiting their website.

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