Bonaveri’s mannequins and bust forms feature extensively in the press and in printed publications.


Many of our mannequin and bust form collections are used by photographers to present their work in printed format. Bonaveri products are often seen in some of the worlds most luxurious fashion magazines, offering a unique view of the stylistic world of art and fashion.

sustainable mannequins from sugarcane
BNATURAL Sustainability – Our Ethos for a responsible creativity
Twiggy – Remaking A Fashion Icon
obsession mannequins 6
Making The Impossible Possible 10
Making The Impossible Possible
adel rootstein mannequins 08
An interview with Kevin Arpino about Adel Rootstein
bonaveri magazine olivier theyskens 04
An interview with Olivier Theyskens
The Sculpting Atelier
jason wu 02
A Pure American Talent – An Interview with Jason Wu
The House Of Mannequins
bonaveri magazine featured image copy
The Bonaveri Magazine
vogue china issue cover and bonaveri ad
Vogue Italia: The China Issue June 2015
Noble London launch catalog
The Bonaveri Family
A Family Story: Mannequins: Bonaveri: A history of creativity fashion and art
Stage Museum Exhibitions Bonaveri Book - Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs 2012
Stage Museum: Exhibitions – Mannequins: Bonaveri: A history of creativity fashion and art
I love vogue
Windows Full of Wonders – Mannequins: Bonaveri: A history of creativity fashion and art
The Bonaveri Mannequin Book
Mannequins: Bonaveri: A History of Creativity Fashion and Art

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