B By Bonaveri Collection

Tribe Mannequins

Male and female mannequins inspired by an energetic youth culture

The new TRIBE Collection is all about diversity; a collection that adapts to your creativity.

Tribe Mannequins is a new collection from Bonaveri, released in 2017, intended to be able to adapt to a diversity of styles.

The Tribe collection’s unique design means that it is able to adapt to many different creative concepts, from youthful groupings to sophisticated single poses. The female and male poses each offer a range of heights and ages that can be mixed together to form a carefully curated visual concept.

TRIBE Mannequins are composed of 5 standing females, 4 standing males and 2 seated male and female variations.

TRIBE represents the spirit of modern youth culture as well as the styles of both women and men in the many varied phases of their lives: figures with androgynous faces, characteristic poses and are designed based on various heights.

The collection offers a wide range of styles and poses, allowing for a variety of figurative combinations and pairings. By selecting and arranging your own Tribe, you achieve a unique collection – no other will be the same; each Tribe original in its own way.

The pseudo-realistic nature of the collection offers visual creators and retailers a perfect way of uniquely stylising the forms with accessories and makeup. The entire female collection is designed with a variation in heel height – from 2cm to 10 cm in order to explore and express different styles and attitudes.

Tribe Mannequins are available in BNATURAL; an innovative new sustainable material and finish developed exclusively by Bonaveri


B By Bonaveri is a new family of mannequins from Bonaveri that will sit alongside the established Bonaveri and Schlappi family of mannequins.

The new family has been created to allow Bonaveri to develop new collections designed for the premium mass market, usually dominated by low-quality products. Each new collection will explore and interpret the aesthetic and technical requirements of each target market and will bring unique features to a new family of Bonaveri customers.


Bonaveri has revolutionised this key sector of the industry by creating a new product division that combines the very best of Bonaveri Artistic and Schläppi mannequins.

Tribe is the first collection from the B BY BONAVERI family of mannequins and explores youth culture within fashion.

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