About BonaveriMilano

For our new showroom in Milan, BONAVERIMILANO, we chose a space of 600 sq.m in via Morimondo 23A located near the ex Richard Ginori area, in a territory rich of bounds with the industrial and manufacture tradition of the city.

An environment with an industrial imprint, with a severe concrete facade carrying a peculiar pattern of eyelets and glass cubes framed by led stripes and conveying the idea of a territory landmark.

The space is multifunctional: at the entrance there’s a wide area dedicated to a permanent mannequin exhibition, going on to a working area based on image storytelling on Bonaveri’s creative, sculptural and handcrafted processes, to end up in a “lounge area”.

The big central space opens with an installation titled “Momenti tubolari” paying tribute to the work of the artist Lorenzo Piemonti who in the 60’s/70’s worked as a mannequin sculptor and created the iconic figures of Schläppi collections.

Around this new social and working space Bonaveri wants to animate its business relationships and the development of bespoke new products, but the idea is also to start a real schedule of activities and events.

BonaveriMilano will be a dynamic melting pot, suitable to host exhibitions and cultural events involving the world of fashion, design and arts.

Architect: Giuseppe Tortato
Interior Design & Installation: Chameleon Visual



Via Morimondo, 23a

20143 Milano

Phone: +39 02 36736030
Fax: +39 02 36736031
e-mail: [email protected]

Inside BonaveriMilano

The Bonaveri Factory

The heart of the Bonaveri world is our production facility in Cento. Take our tour of our facility.