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Mannequins & Bust Forms with an enduring appeal

Our collections feature stylised, artistic, semi-realistic and modular forms. Find your perfect form from our collections below.

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Tribe Mannequins in multiple colours
Tribe Mannequins
obsession post 04
SchlÀppi Collections
obsession post 01
SchlÀppi 8000 Obsession
SchlÀppi 7000 Noble
aloof female mannequins
SchlÀppi 6000 Aloof
schlappi bimbi 4000 mannequins 03
SchlÀppi 4000 Bimbi
SchlÀppi 3500
2800 3800 mannequins 10
SchlÀppi 2800 / 3800
SchlÀppi 2500 / 2600
SchlÀppi 2200 / 3000
A group of SchlÀppi female and male mannequins
SchlÀppi 2000 / 3200
Sartorial Women | Female mannequins and bust forms
Sartorial Women
Sartorial Men | Male mannequins with fixed or articulated arms
Sartorial Men
Sartorial Haute Couture
Male and female Sartorial mannequins leaning against a plinth
Sartorial Collections
atelier bust forms
Sartorial Atelier
Sartorial Accessories
bonaveri mannequins fashion model collection
Fashion Model Collection
Bonaveri FMC4 / Urban Man
bonaveri collections - FMC04 and Urban
Bonaveri Classic
a display olivier theyskens garments on bonaveri mannequins
B By Bonaveri
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