Bonaveri Mannequin & Bust Form Collections

Bonaveri creates mannequins and bust forms that aspire to a premier aesthetic. Our artistic mannequins and bust forms are divided into four families; Bonaveri Artistic Mannequins, Schläppi, Bonaveri Sartorial and B by Bonaveri.

Each family of mannequins represents a stylistic DNA that originates from a core artistic belief that all forms should convey the essence of the human spirit.

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Female B BY Bonaveri Tribe mannequins by Bonaveri

B By Bonaveri

bust forms cover

Bonaveri Bust Forms

bonaveri collections - mannequins and bust forms

Bonaveri Collections

bonaveri collections - FMC04 and Urban

Bonaveri FMC4 / Urban Man

bonaveri collections - fashion model mannequin

Fashion Model Collection

sartorial accessories 01

Sartorial Accessories

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Sartorial Collections


Sartorial Men

Sartorial Women Mannequins

Sartorial Women

Schläppi 2000 Female Schläppi 3200 Male Mannequin Collection

Schläppi 2000 / 3200

2200 3000 mannequins 10

Schläppi 2200 / 3000

Roger Dubuis Schlappi 2500 04

Schläppi 2500 / 2600

2800 3800 mannequins 10

Schläppi 2800 / 3800

Schläppi 3500 Mannequins

Schläppi 3500

schlappi bimbi 4000 mannequins 03

Schläppi 4000 Bimbi

aloof and noble mannequins 06

Schläppi 6000 Aloof

schlappi aloof bust form by bonaveri 01

Schläppi 6000 Aloof Bust Forms

aloof and noble mannequins 05

Schläppi 7000 Noble

Schläppi Collections for Bonaveri - A Fan of Pucci

Schläppi Collections

Tribe mannequins by Bonaveri

Tribe Mannequins

New Tribe Catalogue

The new TRIBE family of mannequins represents a spirit of youth - an energetic and contemporary collection of male and female forms.