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Sartorial Men | Male mannequins with fixed or articulated arms
Sartorial Men

Male bust forms and mannequins

schlappi bimbi 4000 mannequins 03
Schläppi 4000 Bimbi

Male and Female junior mannequins in multiple ages


Realistic Display Mannequins

Schläppi 2500 / 2600

A sharp, edgy and stylised collection of female mannequins

tribe mannequins 09
Tribe Mannequins

Male and female mannequins inspired by an energetic youth culture

Sartorial Women | Female mannequins and bust forms
Sartorial Women

Female bust forms and mannequins
Schläppi 7000 Noble

A contemporary male mannequin collection designed for luxury and casual fashion
Bonaveri Bust Forms

Classic Male and Female Fashion Bust Forms
Bonaveri FMC4 / Urban Man

Anatomical / Abstract Male & Female Fashion Mannequins

bonaveri mannequins fashion model collection
Fashion Model Collection

Male and female fashion mannequins
Schläppi 6000 Aloof

A new collection that has set the standard for female fashion mannequins
Schläppi 2200 / 3000

An extensive male and female mannequin collection sought after by many of the worlds top fashion designers.
Sartorial Accessories

Fashion accessory displays from the Sartorial Collection
Schläppi 3500

A sharp and edgy male mannequin collection

obsession post 01
Schläppi 8000 Obsession

Obsession is the newborn of the Schläppi female mannequin family, rooted in a tradition of vibrant inspirations.

A group of Schläppi female and male mannequins
Schläppi 2000 / 3200

Schläppi male and Female mannequins

2800 3800 mannequins 10
Schläppi 2800 / 3800

Based on the 2500 / 3500 collection with a softer aesthetic

Collection Families

Bonaveri creates mannequins and bust forms that aspire to a premier aesthetic. Our artistic mannequins and bust forms are divided into four families; Bonaveri Artistic Mannequins, Schläppi, Bonaveri Sartorial and B by Bonaveri.

Each family of mannequins represents a stylistic DNA that originates from a core artistic belief that all forms should convey the essence of the human spirit.

collection of Tribe female mannequin heads on a pink background

B By Bonaveri

Mannequins inspired by youth culture
bonaveri collections - FMC04 and Urban

Bonaveri Classic

Classic Mannequins And Bust Forms
Male and female Sartorial mannequins leaning against a plinth

Sartorial Collections

Contemporary and modular bust forms

Schläppi Collections

Stylistic mannequins and bust forms

New Tribe Catalogue

The new TRIBE family of mannequins represents a spirit of youth - an energetic and contemporary collection of male and female forms.

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