B By Bonaveri Collection

B By Bonaveri

Mannequins inspired by youth culture

A new collection of mannequins for a youthful, energetic market

B By Bonaveri is a new family of mannequins that reflect a vibrant, young trend in luxury fashion. The first B By Bonaveri collection released in 2016 is the TRIBE male and female collection – a group of youthful, energetic forms.

The new family has been created to allow Bonaveri to develop new collections designed for the premium mass market, usually dominated by low-quality products. Each new collection will explore and interpret the aesthetic and technical requirements of each target market and will bring unique features to a new family of Bonaveri customers.

Bonaveri has revolutionised this key sector of the industry by creating a new product division that combines the very best of Bonaveri Artistic and Schläppi mannequins.

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