About Bonaveri

Bonaveri was established in 1953 in the quaint yet industrious Italian province of Ferrara during the era of the great economic miracle and reconstruction period.

Today, Bonaveri has become synonymous with quality mannequins, and wherever there is a search for value, both ethical and aesthetic - in a high-end boutique, in a museum, on a photo shoot, in a scenographic exhibit - there you will find Bonaveri mannequins.

The company produces about 15 thousand mannequins per year, covering the entire product spectrum: from the stylised and iconic forms of the Schläppi brand to the sartorial and couture evocations of Bonaveri Sartorial, from the jovial and blended expressiveness of Tribe collection under B By Bonaveri brand to the most glamorous figures. Most recently, with the acquisition of the Adel Rootstein brand in 2019, Bonaveri has also entered the world of realistic and semi-realistic mannequins.

As a company always attune to the importance of aesthetics and ethics, in 2016 Bonaveri was the first company in the world to present a biodegradable mannequin, developing BPlast, a new bioplastic composed of 72% sugarcane derivatives - treated with BPaint paints, made exclusively with natural pigments and solvents.

Bonaveri's long standing relationship with leading fashion brands has led them to excel in the creation of bespoke mannequins, which best represent the company's ability to combine wearability and aesthetic requirements.

Bonaveri's international distribution structure is also widespread, with representative offices in Milan, New York, London, Paris, Düsseldorf, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Zurich, Thessaloniki, Hong Kong, Shenzen, Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo and Melbourne.

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