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Bonaveri to showcase revolutionary BNATURAL mannequins at Green Carpet Challenge 2016

Women's Wear Daily, the prestigious American fashion magazine, has published a worldwide exclusive article on the unique collaboration between Eco-Age, the London-based organisation founded by Livia Firth, and Bonaveri announcing the...
male mannequin by bonaveri

Portrait Of An Era

We live in an age where genders blur, where the formal and informal have merged across generations and where boundaries are being pushed further out, influencing both the lifestyles and...
male mannequin by bonaveri

Out Of Clay

The creative process is sparked by inspiration, requiring a knowledge of the human form and a talent with the chisel. This ancient process of crafting forms has been used to create...

Cava Michelangelo

For inspiration, we return to the roots of the art of sculpture, absorbing centuries of passion and craft. Marble is at the centre of everything, representing form and figure across...
behind the glass cover

Noble Behind The Glass

Noble behind the glass is an elegant figure that dresses well. Bonaveri, through their technical and creative ability, has achieved an aesthetic that gives the collection a strong sense of...
Noble A Sneak Peak

Noble | The new Schläppi male mannequin

We're releasing Noble at this event along with top up and coming young fashion designers. London Collections: Men is attended every year by global fashion press, buyers and those curious...

BONAVERIMILANO – The Home of Bonaveri in Milan

The large open showroom space played host to an installation inspired by the artist Lorenzo Piermonti who was the first sculptor of the Schlappi mannequin. The installation is inspired by...