Bonaveri Sartorial: Redefining traditional aesthetics

Bonaveri's Sartorial mannequin and bust form collection has been further enhanced with additional options, seated and walking mannequins.

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Bonaveri Sartorial has become a key collection in the Bonaveri family, offering both diversity and uniformity between bust form and mannequin poses.

Written by Ian Thompson | 19 February 2020

The Sartorial Collection, first released in 2018, has grown into a comprehensive collection of male and female bust forms and mannequins. The collection is unique in that it offers a multitude of options that offer the opportunity for customers to create a cohesive look when choosing between mannequins and bust forms.

The collection has been designed from the ground up incorporating decades of classic Bonaveri design and has become the go-to collection for fashion designers, exhibition curators and luxury fashion stores. Most notably, Sartorial has been a key player in the colourful exhibition collaboration with Pucci in Florence, 2018.

At Euroshop 2020, we have a dedicated space in our display for Bonaveri Sartorial where customers will be able to see the extent and scope of the collection. We are also delighted to be able to show additional items which include seated and walking poses for both male and female collections.

Under the umbrella of the Bonaveri Sartorial family, we are now able to offer a new Haute Couture Collection featuring a luxurious ensemble of forms and materials.

Visit us at Euroshop 2020 in DĂŒsseldorf to see the complete collection.

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