Bonaveri – A Fan of Pucci

A remarkable celebration of fashion creativity

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Held between June 12th to 15th 2018
Palazzo Pucci Via De’ Pucci 6 Florence

Bonaveri - A fan of Pucci is a tribute to the creative spirit of two of Italy's leading fashion & design houses.

On the occasion of Pitti Uomo, Bonaveri and Pucci have come together to celebrate a shared vision of creativity and craftsmanship.


Palazzo Pucci in Florence was the backdrop to a spectacular exhibition of Bonaveri mannequins and bust forms all dressed in garments from the Pucci archive.

Conceived by creative director Emma Davidge, the exhibition is a showcase of Italian craft, style and creativity.

Art Direction: Chameleon Visual | Images by Lapo Quagli | Video by Satore Studio

The Courtyard

A giant mannequin in the Palazzo Pucci courtyard watches over five Schläppi pieces designed in the 1970s, all painted in Emilio Pucci's iconic 'Vivara' print.

The Runway

Bonaveri Sartorial mannequins are the front row guests at a runway show. Each one is individually finished in classic Pucci colours, wearing bags, scarves, hats and jewellery from the Pucci archive.

The Archive Room

Just off Emilio Pucci's former study, Mannequins from Bonaveri's Tribe and Schläppi 4000 Junior collection are displayed in garments from the Pucci Archive.

The Art Room

In this ironic and humorous display, Bonaveri and Pucci have come together to showcase their respective artistic skills. Each piece draws inspiration from key moments in Pucci's heritage, using both vintage and current Bonaveri mannequin collections.
For the Art Room, special thanks to Mary Fashion

The Atelier

Bonaveri is proud to support the advancement and preservation of traditional artisan skills. The Atelier, located in Emilio Pucci's former studio, illustrates the craftsmanship applied in creating Bonaveri's products.

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The exhibition featured many of Bonaveri's classic mannequin and bust form collections as well as artworks and garments from the Pucci archive.

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