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BONAVERIMILANO is our creative exhibition space and showroom in Milan. The studio is located in the Richard Ginori area amongst other creative and fashion companies. We hold exhibitions and events and display a number of Bonaveri and Schläppi bust forms and mannequin collections in the space. To find out more, visit our dedicated BONAVERIMILANO page.
Bonaveri Germany Mannequin Distributor

Brigitte Oelmann GMBH

Brigitte Oelmann is the Bonaveri distributor in Germany & Austria. Offices are located at Schumannstr. 54, 40237 Düsseldorf. Showroom (address below) by appointment only.
Blue Studio London Showroom

Blue Studio Trading Ltd

Blue Studio is the Bonaveri Distributor for the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. Contact the team at Blue Studio for information on all of our products and to order catalogues. Blue Studio and Bonaveri collaborate on many events during the year. Visit our news archive to see the latest events related to Blue Studio

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