Collection Presentations

New Bonavweri products are launched through a series of collection presentations that we host around the world. See our new mannequin and bust form collections in presentations that showcase the diversity of narrative achievable with a Bonaveri product. Bonaveri often collaborates with our global distributors and creative directors to create product launches, inviting our worldwide family of customers to view our new collections.

bonaveri the delicacy of paper
Bonaveri | The Delicacy of Paper
obsession mannequins 6
The House of Bonaveri at Euroshop 2020
obsession post 01
New Collection: Schläppi 8000 “Obsession”
sartorial 17
Bonaveri Sartorial: Redefining traditional aesthetics
Tribe Mannequin Collection Launches in Shanghai
Tribe Mannequin Collection launch in China by Bonaveri in Shanghai
TERRAZZABONAVERI opening night in Milan
Tribe Exhibition in Japan to launch our latest mannequin collection hosted by Nanasai in Tokyo
EuroShop 2017
Bonaveri at Euroshop 2017
Female B BY Bonaveri Tribe mannequins by Bonaveri
Tribe Video
Video: Green Carpet Challenge London
Green Carpet Challenge 2016
Bonaveri In Japan
Noble: Paris
Noble: New York
male mannequin by bonaveri
Milan: Man To Man
Lee Roach Bonaveri 04
Noble Launch – London
Series Miniatures
The Journey Milan
The Journey – Part 6. ‘Aloof in Milano’

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