| 12 March 2020

The House of Bonaveri at Euroshop 2020

Our stand at Euroshop 2020 was inspired by the people and workings of our home in Northern Italy.

Our stand at Euroshop 2020 in Düsseldorf was designed to reflect the character of our atelier in northern Italy and to showcase the skills of the talented people that work with us.

Euroshop is always a significant event for Bonaveri – we showcase our new collections, meet up with existing customers and take the opportunity to introduce our work to a new generation of clients. This year we introduced Obsession, a new Schläppi female collection, we presented an ensemble of Haute Couture busts and displayed the most comprehensive staging of Sartorial mannequins and bust forms ever seen.

The occasion also marked the first time we were able to display Rootstein mannequins, a new branch of our company that we’re extremely proud to have within our family.

This year we took on the challenge of re-creating the style and spirit of our home in Italy by building a stand that showcased the skills of the people that help to create our products. In our Schläppi Obsession gallery, visitors could see the work of our sculptor, Marco, who undertook the careful development of an additional pose for this newly released collection. In our Twiggy hall, we had Sam Beadle and Cheryl Kerkin who worked on wigs and make up for the Twiggy display heads on show. In our Haute Couture hall, we had members of our sewing department showcasing the very delicate skills required in covering our luxury bust forms.

At the heart of it all was our cafe and meeting area, where our sales staff and international distributors greeted guests and embarked on tours of the stand. Here the idea was to create a meeting point compete with a Parisian street-style structure packed with newly published Bonaveri Magazines. A collection of three different covers was designed for our magazine, each one reflecting the new collections released at Euroshop. Inside the magazine, we showcased photographic shoots of our new collections and published articles and interviews with some of the most talented people we have the honour of working with.

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