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With many of our friends and families away from work, we hope you will find inspiration in the recently published Bonaveri Magazine

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The Bonaveri magazine, published on the occasion of Euroshop 2020, will be released online through a series of articles that we hope will inspire you in these uncertain times.

Written by Ian Thompson | 07 April 2020

With many of our friends and family around the world isolated during this time, we are finding it more and more important to stay in touch. So many of us are impacted by the global COVID-19 outbreak and we know that many of you have turned to the internet for information and inspiration.

So, for this reason, we have decided to publish all of the articles from the Bonaveri Magazine in a series of blog posts over the coming days.

Our print magazine was created to showcase our new work; the Obsession female mannequin collection by SchlÀppi, Haute Couture bust forms, and the new restyled Twiggy mannequin by Rootstein. Three distinct covers were made to represent each of the new collections released at Euroshop 2020.

Many of you would have received copies of our print magazine when visiting our stand at Euroshop. If you have not received a copy, we hope our online version will keep you entertained during this time of lockdown.

The publication was conceived as a typical fashion format, filled with the same inspirational images, photographic shoots and interviews typically found in global print publications; Harper’s, Vogue, Vanity Fair. We hope the magazine remains a source of inspiration for many of you in the times ahead.

We worked with Italian fashion journalist, Caterina Lunghi who conducted a series of interviews with a number of high profile designers and longtime Bonaveri collaborators; Jil Sander, Dries Van Noten, Jason Wu, Judith Clark, Luca Missoni and Laudomia Pucci. Each interview showcases the talent and energy that goes into the work of some of the world’s most creative designers and we feel incredibly lucky to work with them.

When we planned our new collections and worked on our Euroshop event in February this year, we had no idea of the events about to unfold. For many of you that are faced with uncertainty, we hope that we are able to provide a sense of community and contact with you in the months ahead.

To all of our friends and family around the world, we send our best wishes, hoping you are all safe and well.

Concept: Emma Davidge, creative director at Chameleon Visual
Art Direction: Emma Davidge, creative directr at Chameleon Visual
Interviews by: Caterina Lunghi
Texts: Nemo Monti

For the Covers
Gowns for Obsession and BonaveriSartorial: Jason Wu
Wigs and Make up Peluca Studio

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