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Bonaveri collaborates on a sustainability centred project with artist, Caterina Crepax and the Fashion Research Italy Foundation

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Bonaveri, Paper Artist Caterina Crepax and Fashion Research Italy Foundation joined together to celebrate sustainability in Fashion.

Written by Ian Thompson | 07 September 2022

“The Delicacy of Paper – Sustainability is beauty” is the title of the exhibition hosted by the Fashion Research Italy Foundation in their headquarters in Bologna. The exhibition, held on the occasion of the inauguration of Punto Sostenibilità project showcases 18 paper dresses created for the foundation by the paper artist Caterina Crepax. Caterina’s work celebrates the marriage between creativity, art and sustainability.

The artworks were displayed on sustainable Bonaveri Bplast mannequins, supporting the promotion of responsible fashion design.

The exhibition opened on the 2nd of December 2021 and ran through to the end of April 2022.

The Fashion Research Italy Foundation (FFRI) was founded in 2015 by Mr Alberto Masotti, former President of the La Perla brand. Mr Masotti’s work at the foundation supports ‘Made in Italy’ fashion through consultancy and training activities. Punto Sostenibilità is another valuable project conceived and built by Mr Masotti to provide fashion industries with a collection of selected eco materials, from fabrics to packaging solutions.

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