Video: Green Carpet Challenge London

The 18th of September 2016 will remain a memorable night for Bonaveri as we revealed 'BNATURAL' - the world’s first-ever biodegradable mannequin.

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Written by Ian Thompson | 07 December 2016

The new mannequins were unveiled at the Green Carpet Challenge 2016 event, where we partnered with Eco-Age, the sustainability agency for the fashion industry, founded by Livia Firth. Livia is one of the most influential voices in promoting ethical and sustainable practices within the fashion world.

For the first time ever, fashion brands have the opportunity to reduce their environmental footprint by replacing petrochemical-based products with our new BPlast based mannequins. Our approach to creating the new BPlast mannequins considers the amount of CO2 released into the environment during and after manufacture. Data produced by the Polytechnic University of Milan, for the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) of each mannequin, shows a reduction of CO2 emissions by the 25.72% compared to conventional petrol-based mannequins.

A reduction in emissions of this magnitude would otherwise require extremely arduous initiatives if companies are to ratify their environmental credentials in accordance with agreements signed by the Members of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris, known as COP 21.

We are extremely proud of the support received from all of the celebrities that have welcomed our initiatives. Their attendance at the event helps to convey a message to the fashion industry and the general public through their incredible influence.

This video is a testimony of how the issue of the environment is becoming a priority, and as more and more we all feel the need protect our planet for those who will inherit it.

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