Bonaveri – A Fan of Pucci on display at LODENFRY, Munich

LODENFRY in Munich is hosting the next instalment of ‘Bonaveri – A Fan of Pucci’ where we team up with Emilio Pucci for their SS2019 presentation.

Friends of Bonaveri | Lodenfrey | Munich

Bonaveri has once again teamed up with Emilio Pucci to create a vibrant exhibition celebrating enduring style and Italian craft.

Written by Ian Thompson | 05 April 2019

LODENFRY in Munich is hosting the next instalment of ‘Bonaveri – A Fan of Pucci’ where we team up once again with Emilio Pucci for their Spring Summer 2019 presentation.

Bonaveri – A Fan of Pucci was first shown in Florence at Palazzo Pucci in 2018 celebrating the very best of Italian style and craft. Here again, we have recreated the spirit of that first exhibition with a unique presentation of Schläppi and Sartorial mannequins.

The presentation, located on the first floor of the Munich department store, includes a Giant Schläppi placed centre stage in the double height ‘Glass House‘ space. Around the Giant are 5 classic Schläppi female mannequins all in Pucci’s vibrant Vivara print.

It is a huge honour to welcome these two icons of the Italian fashion world to our home. BONAVERI – A FAN OF PUCCI shows in a most remarkable way, how tradition, innovation and handcraft expertise can come together with such perfection.

Markus Höhn, LODENFREY

Included in the exhibition is a line up of seated Sartorial female mannequins covered in classic Pucci velvets and a trio of Schläppi 2200 mannequins all dressed in Emilio Pucci’s SS2019 collection.

Below the skylight, with a view to Munich’s famous Frauenkirche, is a series of 100 miniature Schläppi 2200 mannequins in classic Pucci colours. A limited edition of hand-signed Emilio Pucci books is also available to buy.

Laudomia Marchesa Pucci, Image Director and Vice President of Emilio Pucci, Andrea Bonaveri, Director BONAVERI and Christiane Arp, Editor in Chief of VOGUE Germany joined guests at an opening ceremony alongside Ralph-Michael Nagel and Markus Höhn, managing partners of LODENFREY.

5 – 25 April 2019
First Floor – ‘Glass House’
LODENFREY München am Dom:
Friedrichstrasse 32, D-80801 München

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