Schläppi 2800 & 3800 mannequins throughout new Nieman Marcus, Hudson Yards

Nieman Marcus is set to open a new store in New York's Hudson Yards with over 200 Schläppi 2800 female and 3800 male mannequins

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Nieman Marcus to open new retail space at Hudson Yards, New York with over 200 Schläppi mannequins over the vast 3 story retail space

Written by Ian Thompson | 14 March 2019

Opening this week in New York, Nieman Marcus at Hudson Yards will offer the retailer 188,000 square foot of retail space over 3 floors.

Working with our USA distributor, DK Display, we supplied over 200 Schläppi mannequins for Nieman Marcus. DK Display has previously worked with Nieman Marcus at their Bergdorf Goodman stores located at Fifth Avenue and 58th Street.

The vast interior of the Hudson Yards store is filled with female mannequins from the Schläppi 2800 collection alongside her male twin, the 3800 collection. Nieman Marcus has developed its retail interior to include focus fashion display areas as well as incorporating technology into the store that is set to enhance customer experience.

Nieman Marcus will open it’s doors on Friday, March 15th coinciding with the opening of Hudson Yards, one of New York’s biggest regeneration schemes in decades.

British architect, Norman Foster and designer Thomas Heatherwick were both involved in the development with Heatherwick’s “Vessel’ the centrepiece of the new neighbourhood. A grand opening celebration will take place tomorrow with the opening of the Public Square and Garden.

Hudson Yards during development

Images courtesy of WWD and Nieman Marcus

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