| 16 September 2016

Bonaveri to showcase revolutionary BNATURAL mannequins at Green Carpet Challenge 2016

Bonaveri to launch the world's first ever truly sustainable mannequins. BNATURAL - a new manufacturing and lifecycle policy for all of their mannequin collections will be showcased at Green Carpet Challenge 2016, during London Fashion Week.

Women's Wear Daily, the prestigious American fashion magazine, has published a worldwide exclusive article on the unique collaboration between Eco-Age and Bonaveri announcing the launch of BNATURAL

Written by Ian Thompson | 16 September 2016

Women’s Wear Daily, the prestigious American fashion magazine, has published a worldwide exclusive article on the unique collaboration between Eco-Age, the London-based organisation founded by Livia Firth, and Bonaveri announcing the launch of BNATURAL at the Green Carpet Challenge 2016.

The Green Carpet Challenge 2016, to be held on the 18th of September, during London Fashion Week, marks the occasion when Bonaveri will make available to the industry, the world’s first mannequin made from sustainable and renewable materials. Bonaveri will showcase mannequins from the Schläppi 2200 collection manufactured using the innovative new techniques. William Banks-Blaney of William Vintage will present a collection of vintage couture gowns, using the new BNATURAL Schläppi mannequins.

The Green Carpet Challenge event will be hosted by Keira Knightley with co-hosts, Colin Firth, Amanda Berry, Natalie Massanet, William Banks-Blaney, Anna Wintour and Andrew Bolton. It promises to be a spectacular addition to the London Fashion Week schedule. A cocktail party, followed by the UK premiere of the film, ‘First Monday in May’, Andrew Rossi’s behind-the-scenes look at the lead up to the enormously successful, Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2015 exhibition “China: Through the Looking Glass“.

About BNatural

BNatural mannequins are manufactured from BPlast and BPaint; new materials that have undergone a rigorous 4-year research and certification program. BNATURAL is not only a product, it reflects Bonaveri’s commitment to continuing innovation and sustainability.

A traditional approach would have led to a new dedicated sustainable collection. However, Bonaveri decided from the outset that every current and future collection should be made available as a sustainable product. Customers are now able to select sustainable mannequins from any one of our collections, allowing them to ensure their own environmental policies are met, well into the future.

We have set ourselves the goal of designing and manufacturing the first mannequin made out of a natural source, renewable and biodegradable. – Andrea Bonaveri. CEO

Our customers expect the same high standards from BPlast and BPaint mannequins and we are confident that through innovation and research we are now able to satisfy those demands. By leading the way and setting new standards in mannequin manufacturing, we hope to encourage suppliers and customers to follow our new sustainable principles.

BNATURAL is a new approach within Bonaveri to describe a better, more sustainable way of doing business. It has been selected as the term to encapsulate our sustainability goals;

  • To produce a truly sustainable mannequin
  • To use only natural raw materials certified by global bodies
  • To deliver a new ethical approach to every aspect of our business
  • To ensure a continued commitment to innovation
  • To deliver lasting relationships with other ethical and sustainable organisations
  • To commit to providing ecologically responsible products – including better packaging and lifecycle processes.

Visit our Sustainability page for more information. A complete copy of our Press release will be available soon.

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