About Bonaveri

About Bonaveri

Bonaveri was founded in 1950 in Cento, a small town in the province of Ferrara, uniquely positioned at the centre of a revitalised region of post-war Italy. Today the company has grown from humble beginnings to encompass all that ‘Made In Italy’ truly represents, excellence in craft and modern industry.

Bonaveri has spent over 60 years perfecting the art of the mannequin. Started by husband and wife, Romano and Adele Bonaveri, the company continues to deliver unique, symbolic forms that have nurtured lifelong partnerships within the fashion industry. For decades fashion designers, boutiques, museums and creative set designers have all turned to Bonaveri to bring soul to their vision.

Bonaveri has developed a symbiotic relationship with some of the world greatest brands, resulting in unique forms that fuse fashion’s aesthetic and tailoring.

Through a combination of vision and craftsmanship, Bonaveri has forged a reputation as a leader in mannequin design. Every year almost 20,000 mannequins and bust forms are dispatched to all corners of the globe where they act out their role as leading participants in diverse fashion narratives. This very public stage is where Bonaveri’s products come to life.

There are three aesthetic styles to Bonaveri’s mannequin and bust form collections: Bonaveri Artistic Mannequins, Schläppi and B by Bonaveri. Each of these collections offers something unique, from classic anatomic poses to more abstract stylistic forms.

Outside the Bonaveri factory

Bonaveri has perfected its creative skill through innovation and enduring arts, built upon a long heritage of Italian sculpting. On a visit to the Bonaveri workshops, tour our art studio; where wood props, sculpting clay, plaster maquettes and sketches form the basis of our creative endeavours.

In tandem with the arts is our highly innovative, modern factory, where the latest technologies and production techniques enable us to translate sculpture into product.

Bonaveri is committed to innovation, helping the industry to meet the challenges of 21st century retail. In 2016, we were the first company in the world to offer biodegradable mannequins, instantly reducing environmental waste and carbon emissions by significant margins. BNATURAL is a unique combination of bioplastic made from 72% renewable materials and paints from 100% natural pigments and solvents.

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