| 14 March 2022

Olivier Theyskens and Schläppi Aloof at Paris Fashion Week

Schläppi Aloof female mannequins for Olivier Theyskens fashion presentation at Paris Fashion Week

Olivier Theyskens chooses Schläppi Aloof female mannequins for the presentation of his Fall / Winter 22/23 collection at Paris fashion week.

Written by Ian Thompson | 14 March 2022

After the evocative presentation of the Spring / Summer 22 collection at the Galliera Museum in Paris, Olivier Theyskens chooses the wonderful setting of the foyer of the Palais de Chaillot to present the Autumn / Winter 22-23 collection, made with fabrics from his vintage collection.

The clothing rediscovers the same graphic and construction techniques of its old collections, reinforcing a theme of rediscovery, reuse and layered structure. The fabrics are rich, resonant and sometimes sheer, with a depth and weave that radiates overlapping textures.

Theyskens chose our Aloof collection to give continuity to the aesthetics of the presentation proposed in Paris for his previous spring-summer collection. There, along the colonnade of Palazzo Galliera, the mannequins were arranged as if on a catwalk against the natural stone facade.

Here, Theyskens has placed his autumn-winter collection on a darker background, creating a more intense contrast. Mannequins are set out in a soldier like arrangement, perfectly aligned, giving the installation that elegance and continuity that distinguishes Theyskens’ presentations.

The simple and austere attitude of the Aloof mannequins gives the whole presentation a coherent and serene atmosphere, showing the structure of the clothes at their best. The head decorations in a light fabric add a feeling of movement to the figures.

Olivier Theyskens – AW Collection 22/23 – Paris Fashion Week

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