Olivier Theyskens

Bonaveri has worked with Belgian designer, Olivier Theyskens on a series of fashion shows using a variety of our mannequin collections. See how this designer uses Bonaveri products to enhance the narrative of his presentation.

Olivier Theyskens FI
Olivier Theyskens and Schläppi Aloof at Paris Fashion Week
Schläppi Aloof for Olivier Theyskens at Paris Fashion Week
bonaveri magazine olivier theyskens 04
An interview with Olivier Theyskens
Olivier Theyskens – She walks in beauty at MoMu Antwerp
Tribe Female Mannequins for MoMu Antwerp’s Olivier Theyskens exhibition
Opening: Olivier Theyskens – She walks in beauty at MoMu

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