Noble Behind The Scenes

Videos - Noble Behind The Scenes

For our video series entitled Noble Behind The Scenes, we returned to the place where centuries of sculpture have their roots – the Michelangelo quarry in Carrara. Noble appears here as a descendant of this age-old tradition, the reward of constant evolution, exploration and interpretation of the human form.

Noble: Inspiration to Installation

From inspiration to installation, we take you through the process of creating a new mannequin collection.

male mannequin by bonaveri

Portrait Of An Era

male mannequin by bonaveri

Out Of Clay


Cava Michelangelo

behind the glass cover

Noble Behind The Glass

Come In To Our World

Noble was created in the Bonaveri Atelier in Cento, Italy by a creative team of sculptors and artists.

Take a virtual tour of the Bonaveri Factory to see the inner workings of our home.