Bonaveri Party for MIlan Fashion Week 2017
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Milan Fashion Week

Join us during Fashion Week where we host exhibitions and events in our Milan showroom and roof terrace.

VGrass Studio installation at MIlan Fashion Week with Tribe Mannequins

VGrass Studio and Tribe Mannequins at Milan Fashion Week

BonaveriMilano Colours On Stage Exhibition

Colours on stage: Sartorial Mannequins at BonaveriMilano

Aloof and Noble for Shanghai Tang FW 2018/19 Collection in Milan

Bonaveri Party for MIlan Fashion Week 2017

TERRAZZABONAVERI opens with a party for guests of Milan Fashion Week 2017

TERRAZZABONAVERI to open during Milan Fashion Week

Tribe Mannequins featured at Ramponi Award Exhibition in Milan

Schläppi 2200 for ‘Curiel-History and Future’ at Milan Fashion Week

NOBLE – First time in Milan for the new male Schläppi Collection


BONAVERIMILANO – The Home of Bonaveri in Milan

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