GloLoCo: an immersive exhibition showcasing the creativity and identity of young African designers during Milan Fashion Week

The exhibition, promoted by the Afro Fashion Association, combines technology and fashion in a journey between tradition and the future.

Fashion Presentation | Milan | Milan Fashion Week

In the intertwining of new cultural expressions, the versatile and elegant Bonaveri mannequins accompanied the creations of 5 emerging designers.

Written by Nemo Monti | 05 October 2023

Milan, October 2023 – During the latest edition of Milan Fashion Week, the Afro Fashion Association brought together artificial intelligence, fashion, craftsmanship, and multiculturalism in the rooms of the historic Palazzo Morando with an exhibition titled GloLoCo, Technology + Interwoven Identities + Future of Fashion. With the aim of showcasing the connection between artificial intelligence and fashion, the GloLoCo exhibition posed new challenges to the fashion system, focusing on the values of inclusivity and sustainability.

Five BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) designers are the protagonists of the exhibition, making their debut at Milan Fashion Week. These designers, with diverse origins and ties to Italian culture, have brought forth unique life experiences and cultural perspectives through their garments: creations that combine new design techniques, traditions, and eclectic fabrics.

What sets this exhibition apart is the use of new immersive technologies, introduced for the first time at MFW: visitors on their journey have had the opportunity to transform the looks of the exhibition through a collaboration with GN3RA, a digital platform for outfit personalisation. Users were able to co-create signed garments and dress their digital avatars, using them in all virtual worlds. Additionally, SPIN.FASHION, a retail infrastructure and digital marketplace, allowed visitors to try on garments in augmented reality.

Bonaveri has been a part of this project, providing 45 mannequins from the Noble collection, contemporary and highly versatile male figures, as well as the Bespoke women’s collection, with casual attitudes and androgynous faces, naturally posed.

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