Colourful Tribe Mannequins take to the stage in celebration of 10 years of Vogue Talents

Bonaveri has supplied sustainable mannequins from their Tribe Collection for the 10th annual Vogue Talents presentation in Milan.

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Vogue Talents rounds off a decade of talent spotlighting with a line up of young designers showcasing their work on a colourful array of Tribe Mannequins

Written by Ian Thompson | 26 September 2019

Vogue Talents is a unique event that culminates every year in a presentation during Milan Fashion Week. This year, Bonaveri has supplied colourful Tribe Mannequins for the show, all created using sustainable materials.

Vogue Talents was started by the late Franca Sozzani and gives undiscovered talent key opportunities at a pivotal point in their career. The fashion talent scouting program has given thousands of young designers the resources, mentoring and exposure to reach a global fashion audience. Designers such as Jonathan Anderson, Simone Rocha and Bethany Williams have all benefitted from the program over the years.

Uma Wang and Charles Jeffrey on colourful mannequins from the Tribe Collection

Previous participants of the program have returned to Milan to join forces with this year’s newly discovered talent to celebrate the 10 years that the program has been in existence.

Every year Vogue Talents draws together exciting new designers and gives Bonaveri the opportunity to support young talent as well as showcase important innovations in our own work.

Andrea Bonaveri – CEO, Bonaveri Mannequins

This year’s event was staged in Milan at the Palazzo Cusani with a presentation of garments and accessories from more than 70 designers. Bonaveri has made the presentation possible by supplying a host of colourful male and female mannequins from the Tribe Mannequin Collection.

The Tribe Collection, released at Euroshop in 2017 is aimed at a fashion-forward and sustainability-conscious younger generation. The ambition of the Tribe Collection aligns with the aspirations of Vogue Talents, promoting an unconventional and more ethical approach to creating fashion.

Sunnei and Asai on Tribe Mannequins for Vogue Talents, Milan Fashion Week.

In addition to supplying Tribe mannequins, Bonaveri has crafted each form from their innovative BNATURAL sustainable collection; a technique and practice that brings true sustainability to the mannequin market. Bonaveri has been developing and perfecting the materials and manufacturing processes since 2014, releasing the official collection to the market in 2016. Bonaveri recently supplied SchlÀppi 2200 mannequins to Vogue Italia for The Next Green Talents 2019, also in BNATURAL sustainable materials an finishes.

At the outset, BNATURAL was a huge step forward in sustainable practices; the innovation hasn’t stopped with Bonaveri continuing to adapt, improve and extend the range of possibilities. From its inception, BPAINT offered limited hues and yet today we see radical improvements with the introduction of bright and bold colourways.

Bonaveri has a long history of collaborations with Vogue Italia, participating and supplying mannequins and bust forms for various events throughout the year. The collaboration is multilayered, offering support to young talent and introducing innovative product enhancements to the market. Bonaveri and Vogue share common principles when it comes to the advancement of the fashion industry’s changing needs reflecting a unique environment where a younger generation of designers are redefining the industry.

19 to 21 September, Palazzo Cusani

Visit the Vogue Talents Website

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