Bonaveri celebrates Milan Design Week with Schläppi M

A distinctive collection of Schläppi M design figures form the basis of a new exhibition in Milan

Exhibition Space | Milan | Milan Design Week

A colourful assembly of 1980s Schläppi M mannequins is now on to view at BONAVERIMILANO throughout Milan Design Week 2019

Written by Ian Thompson | 12 April 2019

Schläppi M is a distinctive mannequin collection offering display pieces as well as traditional abstract mannequins. The collection was initially designed in the 1980s to include integrated hanging rails, tables, plinths and seating. Bonaveri recently enriched the group with a series of abstract mannequins and bust forms that honour the original design ethos.

Bonaveri has put together an exhibition at Bonaveri Milano celebrating the collection’s quirkiness with a series of bright orange pieces around a bespoke Giant Schläppi M. Adorned with lighting along its outstretched arms, the Giant radiates a warm glow of orange light after dark.

Schläppi M is both aesthetically unique and extremely functional offering our customers a characteristic way to display their merchandise.

Andrea Bonaveri

Alongside the Schläppi M collection is a display of brightly coloured Sartorial Female Mannequins. These are pieces that were recently used for ‘Bonaveri – A Fan of Pucci‘ – an exhibition of Italian craft.

Schläppi M is on display during Milan Design Week. For more information, please contact our team in Milan.


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