BNatural sustainable Mannequins for Zara Milan Design Week
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Milan Design Week

BNatural sustainable Mannequins for Zara Milan Design Week

Zara and Schläppi 2200 sustainable mannequins for the 58th edition of Salone del Mobile

A new exhibition by Zara at their Corso Vittorio Emanuele store in Milan features Schläppi 2200 female mannequins manufactured in sustainable materials.
schlappi m milan design week exhibition

Bonaveri celebrates Milan Design Week with Schläppi M

A distinctive collection of Schläppi M design figures form the basis of a new exhibition in Milan

Series Miniatures

We’re pleased to be able to show you more images of our Series Miniatures exhibition taking place at BONAVERIMILANO this week.
schlappi mannequins

Schläppi mannequins for VESTAE, an exhibition of wellness products by Eligo

One of the highlights of Milan Design Week is VESTAE, a new exhibition featuring Bonaveri's Schläppi mannequins in the environs of an elegantly designed exhibition in central Milan.
aloof mannequins for zara milan design week

Milan Design Week – Aloof mannequins for ZARA, Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Milan

Milan Design Week starts tomorrow and ahead of the opening, ZARA have partnered with Bonaveri and unveiled an installation of Aloof mannequins in the foyer of the Corso Vittorio Emanuele store in central Milan.

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