Schläppi female mannequins for Linea Più Exhibition

Obsession female mannequins take centre stage at BonaveriMilano for Linea Più fashion presentation

Fashion Presentation | Linea Più | Milan

BonaveriMilano hosts a new exhibition featuring our latest Schläppi collections including the newly designed Schläppi 8000 'Obsession' female mannequin.

Written by Ian Thompson | 05 March 2021

A new exhibition at BonaveriMilano gives visitors an opportunity to see many of our Schläppi female mannequin collections, including Schläppi 8000 ‘Obsession’ our latest collection launched at Euroshop 2020 last year.

Fashion designer Naira Khachatryan used the space at BonaveriMilano along with a host of female mannequins for a presentation of Linea Più wool garments in association with Italian yarn creator, Progetto 62. Linea Più chose BonaveriMilano and Schläppi mannequins for their recent presentation in August 2020 and following on from that success has chosen again to release this latest collection shown here during Milano Fashion Week Women’s Autumn / Winter 21-22.

Schläppi 8000 ‘Obsession’ female mannequins for Linea Più at BonaveriMilano

The presentation, taking up most of the ground floor exhibition space, showcases mannequins from the Schläppi 2000, 6000 and 8000 ‘Obsession’ collections. Being the latest collection, Obsession mannequins take centre stage and have been used to simultaneously add dynamic movement and atmosphere to the presentation. This is a key feature of Obsession; the ability to infuse movement through a series of poses based on the reflections of innovative female artists at work during New York’s 1970s music and dance scene.

In true Schläppi tradition, Obsession is characterised by her unique spirit and charm, offering multiple and vibrant poses for fashion presentations.

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