Schläppi mannequins showcase Linea Più yarns at BonaveriMilano

BonaveriMilano plays host to an exhibition of luxury Italian yarns from Linea Più

A new exhibition at BonaveriMilano showcases dramatically draped Linea Più yarns on Schläppi female mannequins

Written by Ian Thompson | 04 August 2020

Linea Piú, Italian maker of luxury yarns has chosen BonaveriMilano as their exhibition location for their Autumn / Winter 21-22 collection of woollen weave fabrics.

The exhibition features Schläppi female mannequins from the 2000, 2200, Aloof and Obsession collections with Linea Più yarns draped to resemble luxury fashion garments.

Linea Più has planned a series of exhibitions that will take place across the world at locations in Italy, France, Turkey and the USA. This exhibition is the premier showcase event and is aimed at highlighting the collection to fashion businesses located near to our Milan showroom.

Linea Più has chosen the BonaveriMilano showroom for its unique backdrop of contemporary architecture and garden design that help to make it one of the district’s most sought after events locations. For this season’s event, Linea Più decided to use mannequins for the product display, with each silhouette of the mannequin showcasing the richness and texture of the fabrics. This way visitors to the exhibition have a unique insight into the quality of the yarns as well as their wearability.

Amongst the exhibition presentation are mannequins from the latest Schläppi Collection; Obsession. The fluidity and forms of the new collection are a natural match for the way in which Linea Più have draped and built up their yarns as garments. The new Obsession female mannequin collection can be seen on our Collections Page.

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