Max & Co. Christmas windows in Milan featuring Tribe Mannequins

Max & Co. in Milan celebrates diversity with an installation by Emma Davidge featuring Tribe Mannequins by Bonaveri

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Written by Ian Thompson | 22 January 2019

Max & Co. recently unveiled a Christmas window campaign featuring Bonaveri’s Tribe mannequins in multiple skin tones. The Milan based store is using the mannequins in an effort to represent a more diverse society.

The windows designed by Emma Davidge are a prototype for Max & Co. whose parent company, Max Mara, continues to incorporate a spirit of activism in fashion. Through catwalk shows and in-store messaging, the brand is helping to ‘normalise’ representation across the fashion industry.

‘MAX IT UP’ – a campaign calling for a wider mix of representative forms – includes mannequins from Bonaveri’s new Tribe Female Collection. The group of variable height mannequins was designed specifically to enable a broader creative mix and with its unique stylistic poses, pushes the boundary of what’s possible with visual merchandising messaging.

Max & Co. Milan Tribe Mannequins

The Tribe Female Mannequin collection, along with its male counterparts was designed in collaboration with Emma Davidge who heads up London based creative agency, Chameleon Visual.

Bonaveri and Emma Davidge have a long history, working together on previous projects and more recently in Florence at the enormously successful collaboration with Pucci.

The intention with Tribe was always to showcase contemporary youth culture and its values. Here, once again, the collection shows its ability to narrate both a creative and cultural message in Max & Co’s installation

The Tribe Collection has been seen in retail windows, fashion retrospectives, designer shows and has even featured as models for online stores. It’s ability to reflect multiple creative approaches attracts creative and fashion designers to the collection. Through the use of wigs, makeup and other styling techniques, the collection has been able to represent a diverse number of cultural, fashion and age groups.

For Max & Co, Tribe has offered them a unique opportunity to make reference to an important change in fashion representation.

Max & Co. Milan: Windows designed by Chameleon Visual
Photography by Mel Vincent
Mannequins: Tribe Female Mannequins by Bonaveri

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