New China Chic: A Fusion of East and West

'New China Chic' - an exhibition at the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art that explores Eastern design, Western influences and contemporary Chinese Fashion

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New China Chic, an exhibition in Shanghai supported by Bonaveri, explores the growing connections between East & West and celebrates a contemporary shift in Chinese fashion

Written by Ian Thompson | 06 November 2018

New China Chic: A Fusion of East and West: Bonaveri has teamed up with Labelhood at the Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art to stage a thought-provoking exhibition that explores Chinese contemporary fashion.

Bonaveri supported the exhibition by supplying Schläppi male and female mannequins for Labelhood’s fashion and arts festival, held during Shanghai Fashion Week. Labelhood is a business to consumer fashion showcase started in 2016 by Tasha Liu for emerging independent Chinese designers. Here, the spotlight is focused on a growing ‘Brand China’ wave of designers – essentially young talent educated abroad, that are defining a contemporary vision of Chinese fashion. The exhibition, curated by Pooky Lee, brings together designers that illustrate a diversity of themes in contemporary Chinese fashion – predominantly those focused on developing a modern narrative for a rapidly developing industry. Many of the designers face the challenge of crafting a creative that speaks true to their origin as well as influence.

New China Chic - A Perfect Combination
New China Chic – A Perfect Combination

Pooky Lee is a freelance fashion writer and curator, a graduate of the London College of Fashion and has written for Numéro China, Modern Weekly, and The Outlook Magazine where he has interviewed industry leaders, Andrew Bolton, Jonathan Barnbrook, Hussein Chalayan, Judith Clark, Johnny Coca, Molly Goddard, Adrian Joffe, Gert Jonkers, Stella Tennant and more. He is the force behind ExhibitingFashion an organisation that collaborated with Bonaveri on the exhibition ‘Finding Jane Morris‘. There, audiences get a similar glimpse of his interest in Western influences on Asian fashion. ExhibitionFashion is a Shanghai-based studio ‘encouraging Mandarin-speaking audiences to explore fashion from a variety of social and cultural perspectives’.

The exhibition is divided into 4 categories: ‘East and West’ explores the work of Chinese designers working in Europe and the USA; ‘Floating Signs’ questions the use of cultural references and symbols in fashion; ‘Haunting Shadows’ presents the silhouettes and shapes that are distinct in Chinese design and ‘Perfect Combination’ ends the exhibition with a presentation of garments that celebrate the co-existence of Eastern and Western elements.

New China Chic - Haunting Shadows
New China Chic – Haunting Shadows

Bonaveri through their distributor in Shanghai supplied Schläppi 6000 Aloof female, Schläppi 2200 female and Schläppi 7000 Noble male mannequins for the presentation.

11th to 14th of October 2018

MOCA Shanghai
3rd Floor, Power Station of Art Museum
Shanghai, China

Exhibition Credits
Curator: Pooky Lee
Assistant:Yijing Zhou
Exhibition Design:mattersofseeing.
Illustrator:Decue Wu
Poster Photographer:Hendrik Schneider
Art Direction: Hao Peng
Mannequin Sponsor: BONAVERI
Photographer 展览摄影:王春淼、姚远

Bonaveri participates in fashion exhibitions around the world – view our dedicated exhibitions page for more info.

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