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New China Chic - The Exhibitions

New China Chic: A Fusion of East and West


Finding Jane Morris: XU ZHI chooses Tribe Mannequins for his sleek Shanghai presentation

Bonaveri Shanghai Mannequin Showroom 08

Bonaveri Shanghai


Tribe Mannequin Collection launch in China by Bonaveri in Shanghai

bonaveri shanghai china mannequins 17


bonaveri meets shanghai
schlappi mannequins the first monday in may

Bespoke Schläppi mannequins featured in the new film ‘First Monday in May’

bonaveri shanghai china mannequins cover

Bonaveri opens new showroom in Shanghai

bonaveri shanghai showroom opening

Bonaveri to open a new mannequin showroom in Shanghai


Bonaveri China to open new showroom in Shanghai

vogue china issue cover and bonaveri ad

Vogue Italia: The China Issue June 2015

Bespoke Schlappi MET 02

China Through the Looking Glass: Extended Exhibition

CTTLG Schlappi MET 07

Bespoke Schläppi mannequins for “China Through The Looking Glass” at the MET

Aloof Invite

Aloof Exhibition by Bonaveri Hong Kong