China is an ever-expanding horizon of creative talent and innovative new ideas.


Bonaveri has had a presence in China for over a decade with showrooms in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Working alongside both our international clients and emerging new Chinese young talent, Bonaveri has been able to participate in an ever-expanding creative industry that is promoting Chinese craft and skill to a new global audience.

kith versace shanghai bespoke mannequins 03
Bespoke mannequins for KITH x Versace in Shanghai
New China Chic - The Exhibitions
New China Chic: A Fusion of East and West
Finding Jane Morris: XU ZHI chooses Tribe Mannequins for his sleek Shanghai presentation
Tribe Mannequin Collection launch in China by Bonaveri in Shanghai
Bonaveri meets Shanghai
schlappi mannequins the first monday in may
Bespoke Schläppi mannequins featured in the new film ‘First Monday in May’
Bonaveri opens new showroom in Shanghai
Bonaveri to open a new mannequin showroom in Shanghai
Bonaveri China to open new showroom in Shanghai
vogue china issue cover and bonaveri ad
Vogue Italia: The China Issue June 2015
Bespoke Schlappi MET 02
China Through the Looking Glass: Extended Exhibition
Bespoke Schläppi mannequins for “China Through The Looking Glass” at the MET
Aloof Exhibition by Bonaveri Hong Kong

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